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15 Baby plants delivered to your door

Our new range of baby seedlings are delivered to your door and ready to plant. It’s a great way to fill your own hanging baskets, pots and planters with our award winning plants, grown on our flower farm in Cornwall. It’s the perfect head start, plants will arrive in our specially designed postage boxes ready to plant, and with a little care you’ll have a beautiful flower display in no time.

We have arranged the options below in a range of sizes, all boxes are a mixure of colours. If you require a specific set of colours you can select this on the basked page after adding the plants to your cart.

All Flower Bag Baby Plants come with a Flower Bag, just add compost and water.

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New! Keep busy at home,
Plant your own…

Getting bored in self-isolation or just love gardening? Brighten your outside spaces with our amazing baby plants. It is so simple!

Our packaging has been designed to arrive through your postbox, so we can deliver them quickly! You can also return the plastic boxes to us with the prepaid label so we can reuse them and minimise waste.

We have arranged our collections by the size of container you are looking to fill. You will still get 15 plug plants within each size, the only diffence is the type of plants that will be delivered.

Our advice:

Make sure your container has drainage holes.
For better results, chose high quality peat free compost and add slow release fertiliser. An alternative is to add feed to the daily watering.
Keep in mind that the hanging basket or tub you plant needs a lot of water, don’t worry about over-watering!

We suggest 6 – 10 plants in a 15 inch tub.  Or say a 14 inch basket: 6 plants around the side,  6 around the edges and 4 uprights in the middle

Fabulous Baskets for our Pub, The Bugle Inn. Blooming Baskets are fantastic value and provide great service. We will definitely be using them again year after year. Very happy.

Miranda Knight

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