Fitted Watering System


Water systems are the key to great baskets.  Watering systems save a lot of time and effort.  We find a water source as near to the display as possible, install a tap and from that link pipework around a building with 16mm black plastic pipe.

Remember to turn the system on and off twice each day.  The plants not only grow, but absolutely flourish for months on end!

If turning the tap on and off manually is inconvenient, we recommend having a water timer fitted, please order separately.

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Water System


Are the key to great baskets!

Watering systems ensure each container gets plenty of water so it can grow, flourish and flower!  Once installed, they last about 10 years, regular servicing keeps them looking neat and working.

A large pipe is used around the building to transport the bulk of the water.  Spaghetti tubes irrigate each container.  The system is pressurised to ensure even distribution.  The fittings are barbed and clipped to prevent them coming apart.  We do try and hide the main black pipe, under ledges, behind drainpipes etc.  It does benefit from being painted as it stops UV degradation of the plastic.

From this spaghetti tubes water each container, just turn on the tap and they all get drips of water from the pressurised system so nothing starts dripping until the system is full.  It is still a good idea to regularly check your baskets to make sure everything is getting watered. Each container is then watered easily and identically at the turn of the tap.

You may get a timer fitted so that this happens independently and regularly.  I find turning the tap off is more likely than remembering to turn it off!  So for this alone a timer pays for itself and is available separately.

When we swap over planting for the winter,  those displays on automatic water systems are still flowering in November, having been delivered,, flowering in May.

If you do have an existing system we are happy to try and fix it rather than installl a new system.  The life span tends to be around 10 years!

Watering System Check


To ensure your systems is maintained and working we need to check it over as we take one lot of flowers down and put another lot up, bits inevitably come apart and get lost.  We replace these and any leaks so you can rest assured, your display, will get watered.

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Gardena Water Timer


A fitted GARDENA Water Computer MasterControl is attached to the tap and controls the automatic irrigation of your premises, ensuring to keep your flowers looking great.

Each time we change the baskets, we need to replace the battery and set the timer appropriately

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Alison your flower baskets are magnificent works of art. Seriously – you cannot believe how beautiful these baskets have been.

Adrienne Liebenberg

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