Gardena Water Timer


A fitted GARDENA Water Computer MasterControl is attached to the tap and controls the automatic irrigation of your premises, ensuring to keep your flowers looking great.

Each time we change the baskets, we need to replace the battery and set the timer appropriately

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The GARDENA Water Computer MasterControl is fitted to the automatic irrigation of your pub,  we will install a tap, specifically for this if there isn’t one available.  It really is best to have this inside as they are not frost hardy.  We do wrap the outdoor ones in bubblewrap but in a really cold winter the frost gets through this.

We will set the watering times for 6am and 12 midnight,  if you would like different start times please let us know: the operating unit with the large and clear display can be overridden, by pressing the ‘man’ = manual button, it will come on for an extra 30 minutes – useful in summer!

I have been meaning to send an email to you for a while and I’m sorry that this is so late. It is just to say how fantastic the baskets look at the front of the school – a lovely welcome for children and staff alike. They look stunning.

Sheilagh Peacock

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