Hanging Basket Brackets

These galvanised brackets are supplied with optional fitting by our installers.  They are only available when ordering baskets

They are extremely strong, engineered to withstand the heavy weight of summer hanging baskets.  They do not buckle under the weight or rust.  Please choose specific size for your baskets.  Fittings are matched to size of baskets so for instance 16 inch baskets use a size 10 rawbolt on the top hole, so wind and swing doesn’t loosen the bracket.

24 inch brackets have three rawbolts and a T design to prevent movement.  We do everything we can to secure the brackets and check them each time we hang baskets but please keep your eye on them too, particularly in extreme weather.

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Absolutely Brilliant, Definitely worth getting as you don’t have to do a thing (which is perfect) everything is watered automatically and the baskets are changed throughout the year to correspond with the season.

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