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Hayricks are ‘works of art’!  Filled with colour coordinated planting, this year eyecatchers are contrasting shades of violet, glowing orange and deepest rich reds. Our Hayricks come in a selection of sizes, 20 inch hayricks are the most popular size and look spectacular!  Sizes range 15 inches to 25 inches across the back.  Fewer but larger hayricks usually have more impact.  They are often used in windier positions as they are fixed to the wall.  They are sometimes used in narrow areas where space is short.

Refill price includes the container that we collected from you last year, or will swap at delivery – new customers need to order new containers

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Refill Baskets is only for customers that have bought from us before! New customers please select the 'New Basket' option.

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Hayrick Size

15, 20, 22, 25

Hayrick Type

New Hayrick, Refilled Hayrick

Amazing flower baskets,
all year round!

Hayricks have a black wrought iron look and are supplied lined with woolmoss which cannot be seen and filled with flowering half hardy perennials.  These exquisite, dazzling designs come Filled with colour coordinated planting, this year eyecatchers are contrasting shades of violet, glowing orange and deepest rich reds.
Please note that we have a minimum order of £120.00 on all purchases from our online shop.

Size Guide for

15 inch hayricks – suitable for domestic use or narrow columns

21 inch hayricks – usual size for centre of walls or where it’s too narrow for windy for baskets

Caring for your
flower displays


Their feed, water retaining granuals, root enhancers etc are already added to the compost and plant varieties are specifically chosen for perpetual flowering.

If you have an existing automatic water system?  Would you like us to check it over and repair anything necessary, this guarantees your plants.

If you would like a new water system installed that is fitted to an existing tap which can be inside or outside) for you to turn on/off each day.

Would you like a timer/tap fitted (ideally inside) to a new or existing system so that it turns on/off each day automatically we set these times for 15 minutes on at 6.00am and 15 minutes on at midnight.
Please note: if you require different times reset existing timer we charge £9.50.

Gardena Water Timer


A fitted GARDENA Water Computer MasterControl is attached to the tap and controls the automatic irrigation of your premises, ensuring to keep your flowers looking great.

Each time we change the baskets, we need to replace the battery and set the timer appropriately

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Fitted Watering System


Water systems are the key to great baskets.  Watering systems save a lot of time and effort.  We find a water source as near to the display as possible, install a tap and from that link pipework around a building with 16mm black plastic pipe.

Remember to turn the system on and off twice each day.  The plants not only grow, but absolutely flourish for months on end!

If turning the tap on and off manually is inconvenient, we recommend having a water timer fitted, please order separately.

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Watering System Check


To ensure your systems is maintained and working we need to check it over as we take one lot of flowers down and put another lot up, bits inevitably come apart and get lost.  We replace these and any leaks so you can rest assured, your display, will get watered.

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Sometimes hayricks are referred to as half moon baskets, hayracks or hayfeeders!

Alternating baskets and hayricks is eyecatching and unusual!

Hayrick & Wire Trough Bracket

From 7.00

These brackets are supplied with optional fitting by our installers.

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Hanging Baskets Summer

From £26.00

Hanging Baskets are heartwarming’ works of art’! Filled with colour coordinated planting, this year eyecatchers are contrasting shades of violet, glowing oranges and deepest rich reds.  Our Hanging Baskets come in a selection of sizes, from 14 inches to 24 inches in diameter. It will depend on your building and brackets, fewer but larger baskets usually has more impact.

When selecting your basket size, the refill option is only for returning customers who have bought containers from us before.


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