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15 Pick ‘n’n Mix baby plants (plugs of rooted cuttings) delivered to your door £15

Our new range of baby seedlings / plug rooted cutting plants are delivered to your door and ready to plant. It’s a great way to fill your own hanging baskets, pots and planters with our award winning plants, grown on our flower farm in Cornwall. It’s the perfect head start, plants will arrive in our specially designed postage boxes ready to plant, and with a little care you’ll have a beautiful flower display in no time.

Plants are prepared on Monday each week and posted on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday/ Thursday. Orders placed before 1pm on Monday will be sent the same week – otherwise your plants will be sent the following week.

If you do not require a specific set of colours you can buy our mixed flower box here. £12

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New! Keep busy at home,
Plant your own…

Getting bored in self-isolation or just love gardening? Brighten your outside spaces with our amazing baby plants. It is so simple!

Our packaging has been designed to arrive through your postbox, so we can deliver them quickly! You can also return the plastic boxes to us with the prepaid label so we can reuse them and minimise waste.

You will still get 15 plug plants within each size, the only difference is the colour of your choice of plants that will be delivered.


Our advice:

Make sure your container has drainage holes.
For better results, chose high quality peat free compost and add slow release fertiliser. An alternative is to add feed to the daily watering.
Keep in mind that the hanging basket or tub you plant needs a lot of water, don’t worry about over-watering!

We suggest 6 – 10 plants in a 15 inch tub.  Or say a 14 inch basket: 6 plants around the side,  6 around the edges and 4 uprights in the middle.

Hanging Baskets

From £22.00

Hanging Baskets are ‘works of art’! Filled with a mix of colours and include Polyanthus, Pansy, Cyclamen with Bulbs to flower in February. Our Hanging Baskets come in a selection of sizes, from 14 inches to 24 inches in diameter. It will depend on your building and brackets, fewer but larger baskets usually has more impact.

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From £24.00

Hayricks are ‘works of art’!  Filled with a mix of colours and include Polyanthus, Pansy, Cyclamen with Bulbs to flower in February.  Our Hayricks come in a selection of sizes, 21inch hayricks are the most popular size and look spectacular!  Sizes range 15 inches to 30inches across the back.  Fewer but larger hayricks usually have more impact.  They are often used in windier positions as they are fixed to the wall.  They are sometimes used in narrow areas where space is short

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Window Box/ Trough

From £15.50

Window boxes are ‘works of art’! Filled with a mix of colours and include Polyanthus, Pansy, Cyclamen with Bulbs to flower in February. Our , off the shelf, window boxes come in a selection of sizes, from 15 inches to 40inches in length.  It will depend on your building and brackets, fewer but larger window boxes usually have more impact.  We have assorted brackets for fixing in different situation.  We recommend window boxes are fitted on the wall below the window sill.

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Been using Blooming Baskets now for two years for the front and rear of my Pub. I am always amazed by how good the baskets and troughs look and how well they last. I still have flowing plants from two years ago replanted in our garden! The service is excellent with Alison always keen to offer advice and go that extra mile.

Eastland Frost

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