Trough Brackets


These galvanised brackets are supplied with optional fitting by our installers.

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Trough Brackets x2

We have an assortment of trough brackets for on top of walls, edge of walls etc,  each trough requires a pair.  They are all galvanised, so rust free and strong.

If you would like them fitted we can install them for you.

Window Box/ Trough Summer

From £15.50

Window boxes are ‘works of art’! Filled with colour coordinated planting, this year eyecatchers are vibrant violets, striking oranges with contrasting crimsons. Our , off the shelf, window boxes come in a selection of sizes, from 15 inches to 40inches in length.  It will depend on your building and brackets, fewer but larger window boxes usually have more impact.  We have assorted brackets for fixing in different situation.  We recommend window boxes are fitted on the wall below the window sill.

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Seen a lot of people taking photographs of our baskets over the summer.  We are over the moon with our baskets they have been wonderful all summer and look forward to next years

Philippa near Basingstoke

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